March 16, 2019

Stay in Love with God, part 2

March 16, 2019


1 John 2:1-6
This weekend’s reading: Mark 14:43-52

Tish Harrison Warren has written a delightful book, Liturgy of the Ordinary, in which she invites us to experience sacramental moments throughout our day. Warren reminds us that there is no real separation between secular and sacred…life is a wholeness not to be dissected or compartmentalized.

In the forward to Warren’s Andy Crouch writes; “Our bodies, our pleasures, our fears, our fatigue, our friendships, our fights…these are in fact the stuff of our formation and transformation into the frail but infinitely dignified creatures we were meant to be an shall become. Our moments of exaltation and our stifled yawns…somehow they go together, part of the whole life we were meant to offer to God day by day, as well as Sunday by Sunday, the life that God has taken into his own life.  It is the life that Christ himself assumed, and thus rescued and redeemed. [p.11]…All this to say that our scared, ordinary lives matter in the full context of our being.

Take one day from your calendar…perhaps today or tomorrow. Imagine the number of sacred moments, moments of spiritual discipline that might be available to you.  For example, a short prayer on wakening; a grace at breakfast; a smile of forgiveness for the person in the car that cut in front of you, the breath prayer before a meeting, the hug of welcome in greeting a friend.

Lord and Sweet Jesus, open our hearts and minds to your presence everywhere!  Help us to discover the life rhythms and liturgies that are already imbedded in us…waiting to be discovered!  Let us start with our very breath…your life within us.  Amen.