March 18, 2019

Justified by Faith?

March 18, 2019


Romans 4:1-2
This weekend’s reading: Mark 14:66-72


In verses 6-8 of today’s reading in Romans, God’s blessing belongs not to those who perfectly obey the law, but to those who in faith accept God’s free gift of forgiveness and grace. This Lenten season, I have been seeking a path of repentance and spiritual awareness and cleansing. I ask God if God can show me the ways that I am broken, the ways I am making my life about myself and not about God. One thing that has been a big part of this journey (and my life in general) is feeling the need to do something to earn God’s love. While certainly, it is great to live out our faiths and do something about what we believe, it is so freeing and life-giving to realize that God’s grace and forgiveness are freely given to everyone. This truth literally invites me to take a deep breath and rest in Christ. It eases the worry that I may or may not have the ability to do all things perfectly. God makes all things perfect.


  • How have you experienced God’s grace?
  • How have you been trying to prove your worthiness to God? 
  • How can you embrace God’s freely given Grace?


  • How have you experienced God’s love?


Lord God, when we start to make our faith about doing things to prove our worthiness to you, invite us to slow down and soak in your freely given grace. Amen.