March 20, 2019

Our Church-wide Fast

March 20, 2019


2 Chronicles 20:1-23
This weekend’s reading: Mark 14:66-72


Did you notice in today’s passage in 2 Chronicles that Jehoshaphat, the ruler of the Jews in Judah, called a nation-wide fast as a means for the Jews to prepare their hearts to hear from God?  Fasting was and is a spiritual practice that is meant to draw us closer to God.  As we physically hunger, we are called to hunger for God.  Our physical hunger is a literal reminder to stop and pray and listen for God.  This year at BUMC during Lent, we are inviting you into a church-wide fast to help put an end to world hunger.  We invite you to our weekly fast challenges, donate the money you save to Rise Against Hunger, and help us pack 100,000 meals that will be sent around the world to folks in need, including our South Africa Outreach partners!  You can visit our website to find more details, donate, and register to pack meals on April 13.  I hope you will be a part in whatever ways you can!


  • What fast challenges will you commit to for our Lenten challenge?
  • How have these fasts deepened your faith and commitment to serve others as a Christian?
  • What has been challenging about fasting?  What has been fruitful?


Lord bless our efforts to raise money for and pack 100,000 meals to end world hunger and most importantly, bless those whose mouths receive the food and those that continue to hunger.  May the church be an instrument of combating hunger in the world.  Amen.