March 30, 2019

It’s Not About Me

March 30, 2019


Psalm 96
This weekend’s reading: Mark 15:33-41


Every now and then, I really do realize how very self-absorbed I am. Not often, because, as I said, I can be self-absorbed. I’m worried about my kids having everything they need for each day or coming up event. I’m worried about every little thing on my checklist for work. I’m worried that I’m not spending enough time with my spouse because everything is so busy. I’m worried that household chores are done. I’m worried. My mind is cluttered thinking and worrying about myself. What I need. What I hope gets done. What I need to do.
And that oftentimes translates to my spiritual life. I’m wondering if I am doing enough. I feel guilty when I miss worship. I feel guilty when I miss my personal devotional time. I feel guilty that I’m not serving my neighbor. I feel guilty. Because I’ve made my whole world and even my faith in God as so very much about me.
This Psalm is a beautiful praise that reminds me that it (read: nothing) is about me. This world is here for me to love because God created it first. The people in my life are entrusted to me by God. The job I do is an act of service to the God I love. The events I attend are an opportunity to love people in the name of God who loved them first.
Life can become frenzied and chaotic. But the psalm is a good reminder that life is filled with beauty and joy and love and that it all comes from God – not from me!


  • What distracts you and keeps you worried?
  • Do you ever feel the kind of spiritual guilt that the writer described?
  • Each time worry and distraction rises in you today, try to redirect to gratitude and praise to God. Say a little prayer for peace.


  • What makes you feel worried?
  • Make a list as a family of things that bring you joy and make you happy. Once you’ve made your list, pray together: “God you are so good! Help us to enjoy all of the good things in our lives that come from you! Amen.”


God, we worry. We run around all the time trying to get things done and get them done well. We want everyone to be happy and we don’t want to let anyone down. But God, we’ve made our lives all about us. We praise you for loving this world and blessing us with all that is good in our lives. Help us to turn our attention each day away from our own angst and toward your amazing goodness.