April 25, 2019

One More Time!

April 25, 2019


John 21:16
This weekend’s reading: John 21:15-17


Sometimes we swim in our failures, mistakes, and disappointments such that we miss God’s affirmation and calling.           
Jesus asked a second time, “Peter, do you love (unconditionally) me more than these fish?” 
I can imagine that Peter is sitting at the fire busying himself stirring the coals and avoiding the subject.  I can just see him saying to himself, “Why does he keep asking that?  I can’t dare tell him that I love him unconditionally. Just look at me. At one point I had the faith to walk on water.  Today, I had to swim to shore.  When I told him that He was the Christ, the Son of the living God, He changed my name from Simon to Peter, because He said my faith was like a rock (petra).  Just look at me; this rock is cracking.”
So Peter again avoids using the word agape and uses the lesser word of love (philia).  Peter says, “Yes, Lord, I’m your brother (philia).”
Then Peter says again, “Tend my sheep.”  For a second time, Peter didn’t really hear Jesus’ affirmation and calling.


  • A key theme of these devotions so far this week is that Jesus loves us no matter what.  Yesterday, I asked if you have ever really heard this.  So, do you really hear it?
  • Do you need to hear it again?
  • Is there someone you need to tell again, “I love you!”


For assurance discuss these same topics again today:

  • Discuss how each of you loves each other.
  • Discuss the times in which you disagree, yet even in the disagreement you still love each other.
  • Give each other the assurance that no matter how tough your relationship may get at times, you will still love the other.


Most loving gracious, Lord, even though I know my family loves me, I love hearing it.  Even though I know you love me, I know I need to hear it again.  Even though I love you and others, I know I need to say, “I love you!” to them.  Lord, help me spend the say telling others how much I love them. In your gracious name, I pray. Amen.