June 27, 2019

Am I a Good Neighbor? | June 27, 2019


Matthew 22:36-40
2 Corinthians 13:5-10


I enjoy taking almost any self-assessment I come across…serious or silly.  Sometimes I am affirmed, sometimes puzzled, and sometimes convicted.  I pretty much knew what was coming when I took the short ‘neighbor quiz’ associated with our summer ‘good neighbor’ series.  I am a lukewarm neighbor! I may have known it, but I didn’t want to see it on paper.  If you missed the quiz you can take it now.  Click Here

Thankfully, that quiz was followed by 8 weeks of great suggestions and actions in the area of good neighbor-ship.  That’s really what quizzes can do. They can set something in motion.  They set a baseline from which we can grow.   I printed off the entire Neighbor page from the BUMC website to keep as a reminder of all that I can do to move from lukewarm through tepid and on to warm and fuzzy!  No joke! 

In the letter to the Corinthians, Paul doesn’t need to see individual test scores from Jesus followers.  He wants growth in discipleship to be evident by the time he visits…course corrections in place…no further discussion needed!  It is good to take time to assess our spiritual practices and lifestyle. 


  • If you have participated in our ‘Good Neighbor’ emphasis during the last 8 weeks, what have you learned about yourself and your interaction with your neighbors?
  • What will you continue?
  • What other ideas would you add?


Dear God, I want to be neighborly; open; welcoming; sharing your light and love.  My hope is to see your light and love within all the people I encounter.   I need but look to find you.  You ask us to be as one, no longer strangers, but rather compassionate and loving humans, born in your image.  Amen.