October 23, 2019

You Are Sent

October 23, 2019


Psalm 46
Proverbs 8:1-21
Mark 3:13-19a
This weekend’s scripture: Luke 10:17-24


In Mark 3, Jesus commissions the twelve apostles.  Three things stood out to me in this story.  First, he calls each of them by name.  Although this happens in the last verses of the passage, I think the way in which the apostles are named is significant.  Names are personal, and calling someone by name indicates a relationship with them.  Jesus knows these apostles; he chooses and names them specifically.  

Second, he gives these newly named apostles a charge.  He appointed them to be with him, to be sent out to preach, and to have authority to throw out demons.  These apostles are to be with Jesus and to represent Jesus in the community as they preach the good news and heal people of their demons.  They are given a mandate and responsibility.

Third, Jesus sends them out.  Once given their instructions, they are sent out.  They do not stay and revel in their new status.  The twelve apostles go out and tell people about Jesus and they cast out demons in his name, just as they were charged to do.  They will travel with Jesus and witness his ministry, and after his resurrection, their experiences and their testimony will be the beginning of the church.


  1. Have you ever been commissioned for something?  
  2. How can you be an apostle, a representative of the good news of Jesus?


  1. What’s it like to have someone call you by name?  Do you feel special and connected to that person?
  2. Jesus gives these apostles lots of responsibility. How would you feel if Jesus gave you that responsibility?


Jesus, thank you for the ministry of your apostles.  Help us to carry on their work today as your disciples.  May we spread the good news of your life and ministry and resurrection in our communities.  Amen.