December 3, 2019


December 3, 2019


Galatians 4:21-5:1
Psalm 139:13-18
This weekend’s scripture: Matthew 3:1-12


One of my favorite stories is that of Jim Elliot.  Jim Elliot, along with four other missionaries, were killed by the very tribesmen they were attempting to evangelize to in the jungles of Ecuador.
While that part of the story is harrowing in itself, what happened next is truly amazing. Yesterday, we spoke of endurance. The wives of the killed missionaries endured the pain of losing their husbands.  And still they persisted in their calling to take the gospel of Christ to these people who had just murdered their husbands.  
And amazingly, the Holy Spirit helped bring the Aucan people to Christ.  The tribe, which was once always at war with surrounding tribes, now identifies as Christian.  
Endurance and persistence matter.  God has called all of us to carry the Gospel to the world.  

Questions for the Field

  1. What is God calling you to do?

Family Field Talk

  1. Where do you see God today?

Prayer Guide

God, make us light-bringers in a world full of dark places and darker hearts.  May you be known because of how we live.  In your name, Jesus, amen.