December 13, 2019

Christian Atheists – Christian Agnostics

December 13, 2019


Matthew 11:2-15
Mark 9:24
This weekend’s scripture: Matthew 11:2-11


Are you familiar with the term Christian atheist?  Of the various meanings, the one that challenges me is “one who believes in an all-powerful God and yet acts as if God does not exist.”  Sometimes I have to admit I feel as if I am a Christian atheist.  I do believe in and do worship God almighty, creator of heaven and earth.  Yet too often, I believe and act as if God is not wise and powerful enough to guide me in a situation, as if God does not exist. 
Herod unfairly puts John the Baptist in prison.  Because he believed Jesus to be the Messiah, John pointed people to Jesus; however, John exposes his doubts when he asks Jesus, “Are you the one to come, or are we to wait for another?”
I love preparing for Christmas during Advent seasons.  I love decorating, worship, and purchasing of gifts. I especially love anticipating the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  It’s a time of renewal for me, for I know if I do not renew my faith in Christ, I will become an impotent Christian atheist.  

Questions for the Field

  1. What are some of your experiences in the past that were impossible for you to overcome, and yet with God’s help, all things turned out O.K.?
  2. Currently, are you in some situations in which you do not see a healthy resolution?  Do you really believe that God will get you through this situation? Are you allowing God to help you?  If so, how are you allowing God to help you?
  3.  In celebrating Jesus’ birth, how might you celebrate his birth into your difficult future situations?

Family Field Talk

  1. Describe some times in which you know God helped your family through some difficult situations?
  2. Currently, are there any situations in which you need God’s help?  Do you believe God can really help you?
  3. In celebrating Jesus’ birth, how might you celebrate his birth into your present and difficult future situations?

Prayer Guide

Gracious Lord, Jesus Christ, I know you’ve helped me in difficult moments in the past.  I know you can do it again.  When these difficult times emerge, please help me have total trust and faith in your help.  You can bring us peace, and the fruit of your Holy Spirit is peace. Amid difficult times, help me be at peace.  In your gracious name, I pray.  Amen.