December 30, 2019

The Waiting Womb

December 30, 2019


Luke 1:26-56
This weekend’s scripture: Matthew 2:1-12


One of the most cruel words in any language is WAIT!

Wait until mealtime. Wait until you are older. Wait until your father gets home. Wait until next season. Wait until you are a graduate. Wait until you are married. Wait until you retire. Wait until the nine-months are up. Wait until you have more experience. Wait for your raise. Wait until Christmas.

A mother’s womb is the place God creates and forms a new life. Like Elizabeth and Mary while waiting for the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus, a mother’s entire body provides everything through the womb the child needs prior to the time of birth.

God is in the waiting womb of a mother preparing a baby for birth, a school preparing a student for graduation, the preparation of two people for marriage, and the preparation for retirement, and in Advent preparing one for a Christmas celebration.

God is still in the waiting womb helping some of us come to Christ, others to accept Christ, and others of us to grow in Christ. God is waiting with us tonight as we continue to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Questions for the Field

  1. What are some things for which you had to wait in which the waiting seemed to take forever?
  2. Looking back, how was God preparing you for the moment for which you were waiting?
  3. What is something for which you are waiting now?
  4. How might God be helping you through this waiting period?

Family Field Talk

  1. How does it feel for the children to wait for something they’re excited for, like Christmas Day?
  2. How did it feel for the parents to wait for Christmas when they were children?
  3. How does it feel now for the parents to wait for something exciting?
  4. Discuss the above Questions for the Field.

Prayer Guide

Lord, Jesus Christ, sometimes it is hard to patiently wait for something to happen. You know what it is I am waiting for right now. Looking back, I know you were with me in my waiting. I know you are in my waiting right now. Please help me to be aware of your presence and to trust your guidance during this waiting period. May all of us experience your presence throughout today and tonight. In your gracious name I pray. Amen.