February 4, 2020

Not Abandoned

February 4, 2020

2 Corinthians 4:1-12
Psalm 119:105-112

This weekend’s reading:Ecclesiastes 7:1-14


Is there anything worse than the feeling of hopelessness?  I am hard-pressed to think of a worse feeling.  And yet, unfortunately, all of us will eventually be in that space.  Eventually we all find ourselves in a moment where the odds seem stacked against us.  Maybe our spouse has passed, or even our child.  Maybe we have lost a job and have no idea how we will provide for our family. 

We all find ourselves at that point sometime in our life, and yet, we must remember, that even though we feel all hope is gone, it remains.  The God who created everything lives still.  Because He lives, we have hope.  Because he lives, as the old hymn says, we can face tomorrow.  Because God constantly pushes against the darkness, so must we.  We must keep hope and fight the good fight of faith as Paul so eloquently asks of us. 

“Let light shine out of the darkness.” Keep hope. It is crucial to our survival. As the scripture says, God is with us. We are not abandoned. Amen.


  • What is keeping you down?
  • Where do you see the light, in your own sphere of influence?  Where do you see hope?


  • Where do you see God today?


God, we ask that you remind us today of your ever-present Spirit.  We ask that you remind us of your providence in our times of struggle.  We ask that you give us the strength to be the lights in the darkness.  And finally, we ask that you help us always cling to the hope you have given us through your Son, Jesus.  Amen.