March 6, 2020

Past Failures Do Not Determine Future Success

March 6, 2020


Exodus 6: 1-13
This weekend’s reading: Job 2:11-13


Our story today opens with God declaring: Now you shall see what I will do to Pharaoh! 

And then in verses 2-8 God reminds Moses: that God has been there with his ancestors in the past, that God currently hears the cries of the people in the present, and that God will be God as they enter into the promise land in the future.  

Moses, full of excitement tells the Israelites about this, but they cannot hear/believe, and Moses must have believed he had failed.

It is into this emotional turmoil that God commands Moses to go speak to Pharaoh.  So Moses question in verse 12 seems reasonable.  But God is looking for a person of faith not of logic.  A person who is able to imagine that past failures do not determine future success.  Because future success is built on current obedience in a God and what God has said God will do.  And in this case God is looking for someone to witness what God will do to Pharaoh.   


  • What past failures are you allowing to cloud your vision for future success?
  • The Israelites were not able to listen because of their broken spirits and the cruel work they faced.  Who might God be calling you to in order to uplift them or free them from cruelty?


  • If God asked you to do something difficult how do you think would feel or respond?
  • Parents, what dreams do you suppose God has for your kids?