May 29, 2020

I Was Scared

May 29, 2020


One of the kindest things a friend ever did for me was in sixth grade.  Our class had taken a field trip to Six Flags.  Now this was more than a few years ago and believe it or not, we were allowed to go around the park without adult supervision (gasp).  

My friends and I set out.  First stop was the Ninja.  A rollercoaster.  I hated rollercoasters at the time.  I was terrified.  Everyone went to get in line.  I stopped and said I would hang out by the exit and wait.  My friends laughed at me.  All of them but one.  Instead he said, “Let’s go play those games while we wait.” He didn’t make a big deal out of it.  He didn’t mention it at all.  The other guys didn’t either.  They just went about riding coasters while we did other stuff.  It was only after the fact that I found out he loved rollercoasters.  And yet he hung out with lame ole me the whole day.  

That is kindness.  


Lord, make us kind to the point of putting other’s needs over our own.  Amen. 


For the duration of our sermon series, we are offering daily prompts for applying the wisdom from the scriptures to our everyday lives. Each week focuses on how we can encourage those around us and bear fruit! This week we are focusing on the fruit of kindness.

“I have decided to stick with Love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”


Is there someone in your life who has put your needs before their own that you have not thanked recently?

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