August 17, 2020

We Are Not Special

August 17, 2020


Romans 11: 2-10

Psalm 119:105-112


This sobering passage reminds us of this simple truth: we are not special.  

Sometimes our desires for ourselves cloud our view of those around us.  We let jealousy, and really, our own sense of superiority dim us to the light of those we deem unworthy.

Henri Nouwen says in his book, Reaching Out:

“When we have lived a while the walls of our lives have become marked by many events—world events, family events, personal events—as well as by our response to them.  These marks speak their own language and often lead to a dialogue, sometimes limited to the heart, but occasionally expressed in words and gestures.  It is in these situations that we reach out to each other and that parents, children, teachers, students, healers, patients, and all people meet on their way through life and start speaking to each other and discovering each other as part of the larger community with a common destination.”

The grace that has been given to me, has also been given to you.  And so on.  May it be true in our actions and hearts.


  • Where can I offer hospitality to someone who needs it?
  • In what areas do I need to give myself grace?


  • Think of a friend. What do you love about them, and why?


Lord help us to see others for who they truly are: they are your children, offered the same grace as we. May we love them as such in the power of your name. Amen.