September 23, 2020

Water = Life

September 23, 2020


Psalm 104:24-34

John 7:37-39


One of the most powerful and enduring biblical images is the image of water. During the first moments of creation, we hear of God’s Spirit sweeping across the formless waters (Genesis 1:2). As the Hebrew people wander through the desert after fleeing Egypt, God continually gives them the gift of water as a sign of his presence and his protection over them. In baptism, we remember that life giving power of water when we affirm we are born anew by water and the Spirit. 

In the ancient world, water was not just a convenience (as we often think of it today) but a necessity for life and civilization. Not having water meant death in those times. In many parts of the world, a lack of clean water remains one of the greatest sources of pain and injustice. Because of water’s abundance in our own context, we often fail to grasp the power of the image for those that knew the true power of water.

In today’s scripture, Jesus uses the powerful imagery of water to describe the power of the Holy Spirit. When we, as believers, come to rely upon the Holy Spirit, it is not just to give us a boost or a little pick me up, like a jolt of holy caffeine. When we rely upon the Holy Spirit, we are gaining a whole new life. The Holy Spirit comes into our hearts not to make us feel better or pick us up when we are feeling down, but to give us life! 


  • Recall a time when you have been physically and/or spiritually thirsty. What was the feeling like? What did water mean to you in that time?


  • Talk about ways that you, as a family, can stay spiritually “hydrated” such as bible reading, prayer, devotions. Talk about which of these has been important to you during your lives.


God, we praise you today because you refresh us in body and soul. We pray for the presence of your spirit, like a river of life, to make us new today. Amen.