September 30, 2020

Trained for Battle

September 30, 2020


Psalm 144

Song of Solomon 8:5-14

John 11:45-57


Have you ever felt like you were in the middle of a war? Maybe you aren’t gun-slinging on the actual front lines of a physical war, but we all find ourselves in spiritual battles. Sickness, suffering, insecurity, doubt– the list of our struggles goes on and on. It’s easy to feel unprepared and underequipped for the fight. BUT! We don’t fight these battles in our own strength. 

In this Psalm, King David, a true warrior, gives praise to God for being the One to help him face and fight his enemies. He acknowledges it was the Lord’s hand who had trained him and it was by God’s hand only that he was protected. 

The Lord is truly our fortress. In Him we are not susceptible to outside influence or disturbance. Whatever battle you are facing- no matter how big or how small- remember that you fight in His strength and that “no weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). 


  • What spiritual battles are you facing?
  • Who are you leaning on to get you through? Yourself, others, or God?


  • Do you remember the Armor of God?  Why do we need it?


Lord, we come to you in the midst of our battles and we ask for your mercy, your strength. With you on our side, we can rise victorious from every struggle. May we give you the praise for the ways you carry us and fight for us!