December 17, 2020


December 17, 2020


A Reading from a sermon of Bernard of Clairvaux [1090-1153; Benedictine who founded the Cistercian Order


“…something superlative was needed in the beginning if the majesty of God was to deign to come down from such a height, for a dwelling that was so unworthy of [his majesty].

…And there was, indeed, something superlative about it:

  • great mercy
  • immense compassion
  • abundant charity 

Why did Christ come to earth? We shall find the answer without difficulty, since his words and actions clearly reveal to us the reason for his coming…It is to search for the 100th lost sheep that came hurriedly down from the hillside.  He came because of us, so that the mercies of God might be revealed with greater clarity, and his wonder works for humankind. What amazing condescension on the part of God, who searches for us, and what great dignity bestowed on the one thus sought…the God who created us has made us of such great worth…That is why, in his immense goodness, our Savior, the doctor of our souls, came down from his great height and tempered for our sick eyes the dazzling brightness of his glory.  He clothed himself, as it were, with a lantern.


  • How do I accept the creative love of God for myself?
  • How do I seek this creative love of God in others?
  • How does this speak to my understanding of Advent and inform my actions during the season? 


  • Jesus offers us an invitation to his birthday party! What gift will we bring?


Magnificent Creator; Sweet Baby Jesus…widen our consciousness to receive and to hold you both in the tension of our minds and the longing of our hearts.  Amen.