Rockin’ NYEpisode

Weeeeeeeee’rrrrrreeeee back! The staff sit down and reminisce on all the good times and good memories 2020 brought (at one point Hoops yells “WHAT IS GOING ON” and that pretty much sums it up). We then look ahead to 2021 and discuss our Words of the Year, our Resolutions, our goals, anything and everything.

Also, this is unfortunately Derek’s last episode. Listen on to hear his story about where he’s going and what he’ll be doing! While we are all sad he’s leaving, we are beyond thankful for the friendship and mentorship he’s shown our staff and students over the last 5 years. Derek, we are so excited to see where your talents continue to take you!

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Also, keep up with Derek as he starts this new chapter! 


0:06 Looking Back on 2020

17:28 New Year New You Same Jesus

53:46 I’m A Student and I Want to Better Myself This Year Oh Look This Segment Speaks Directly To That

57:41 Credits