January 29, 2021

Lectio Divina

January 29, 2021


Psalm 111; Deuteronomy 12:28-32; Revelation 2:12-17


Today’s Psalm, number 111, is a great Psalm to practice Lectio Divina with.  Lectio Divina is an ancient prayer practice that means divine or sacred reading.  It is a way of meditating on the scripture and allowing God to speak anew through the words of scripture.  There are a number of ways to practice Lectio Divina; one method is listed below.  For today’s devotion, I encourage you to give it a try. 

First pray: Loving God help me to hear your word for me today.  Amen.

Next read the passage (Psalm 111) aloud slowly. Pause for a moment.

Read the passage aloud again slowly.  Listen for a word or a phrase that stands out to you.

Read the passage aloud again for a third time.  As you do, reflect on your word or phrase and think about why God might be revealing those words to you.  

Meditate on your word or phrase and listen for what God might be inviting you to do.

Offer your reflections and thoughts to God in prayer.



  • Have you ever practiced Lectio Divina before?  Did you try it today?  What was it like?
  • Did God reveal something new to you through this Psalm of praise?
  • How often do you slow down enough to read scripture and truly reflect on what God might be saying to you?


  • Kids can do this too!  Try Lectio Divina together with Psalm 111.  Invite family members to share their insights together.


Loving God, thank you that you speak to us today through the words of scripture.  Help us to slow down and listen for your word, your voice, and your encouragement.  Amen.