March 5, 2021


March 5, 2021

By Kathleen Argueta, BUMC Kids Administrative Assistant

I’m thinking about cellular memory today. A light topic, I know.

The other morning I was watching the later-morning, fun and breezy news (we had already trudged through the sad early morning news) and they had a new segment where they answer the unanswered questions for viewers about the world around us. The question posed was: “How can I tell real honey from fake honey?” I have never really thought about answering this question in any other way than simply looking on a label, or trusting a local beekeeper, but hey, it’s the year of COVID-19 what else was I watching? I was intrigued.

The host explained that if you take a shallow bowl and pour in a little bit of honey, then slowly pour in a bit more water on top of the honey and swirl it around– if the honey is authentic, faint shapes of hexagons, or the honeycomb in which it was created, will begin to appear. I watched as this glob magically and gingerly became a golden vision of beautifully intricate shapes on the bottom of this bowl. The host explained that because of “cellular memory,” honey remembers the shape of the honeycomb, its original home.

Our God of Wonders, the same God that made the tiny mustard seed and the infinite heavens, has also given this honey the memory of where it was made. This honey echoes its home if we pay enough attention. All I can think is that He has also given us the same sort of memory. We all still strive to be back home. And if the conditions are perfect, we sometimes feel like we are there once again with Him.