March 31, 2021

The God Who Comes to Us in Our Hour of Need

March 31, 2021

By Dr. Ray Kumalo, Pastor of Brentwood Methodist Church (South Africa)


Mark 11:1-11

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday. Named so because of how Jesus’s triumphal entry to Jerusalem moved the crowds to recognize and honor him by laying down their cloths and Palm branches. That led the leaders of the city to ask, “Who is this one who creates such commotion and movement in the city by his arrival?”

Then the crowds responded with singing and praises, Hosanna in the Highest. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the Highest

Whilst the miracle is in the spontaneous response of people to his entry, the big question is who are these people causing the commotion, ululation, and celebration?

The answer is that they are the riff-raff of society, the troubled multitudes who have been left behind by the unjust economic system of the day to die of poverty and lack of health care. They are the children being raised in squalor conditions, they are the good people who have been doing their best to help the poor, support the weak and long for the day of the Lord where God’s grace and mercy shall be shown to all people. They are the sick longing for healing and business people hoping to make a breakthrough in tough economic times. 

Who is this one? He is Jesus, the Messiah, the one we were promised would come to us in the name of the Lord. 

Palm Sunday reminds us that God comes to visit us in our hour of need through Jesus Christ. He does not remain distant and aloof from us especially in the hour of need. He is the God who comes to our village, town, hamlet, suburb, street, and house. He comes, not as a mighty king seeking to be worshipped, but on a humble donkey. We leap in joy to welcome him, because of knowing who he is for us. Our Lord, our Messiah, our healer, our companion, our Saviour. Even in these times of Covid, he does not remain aloof and distant, but he comes to us, where we are. 

Come Lord Jesus, Come.