April 7, 2021

God Works in Us Even Today

April 7, 2021


Joshua 3:1-17


This is the second time we have seen the Israelites pass through murky waters to escape capture in our passages this week.  Why talk about this sort of liberation the week after Easter?  Why talk about a God who parted waters for His people thousands of years ago?  Because it is still a relevant message today. God is a God that continuously delivers sinners and communities from captivity.  Praise God! 

The passage from Joshua directly parallels the story of Moses and the Red Sea from Exodus that we read earlier this week.  The authors explicitly connects them by using the rare Hebrew word (pronounced “nade”) for how the waters appear as a “heap” in both Exodus 15:8 and Joshua 3:13, 16. The Israelites’ deliverance from Egypt is only the beginning of their sanctification as God’s people, which continues for the Israelites with Joshua.  Then and now, we have to learn and relearn God’s teachings.  Christ’s grace continuously transforms us to be more like Jesus.  This is what Wesleyans call “sanctification” or the work of “sanctifying grace.”  This is our post-Easter work, the work of opening ourselves to God’s grace and allowing God to work in us.  


Loving and gracious God, thank you for caring enough to continue to teach and mold your people even today.  Help me to open myself to your good work and make me more like Christ. Amen.


  • Map out your spiritual path from this past year.  Where are the highs?  Where are the lows?  How have you seen God sanctify you?  How have you grown deeper in your faith?
  • In what ways do you feel like you have heard God speaking to you?  What has God said?


  • With your family, try mapping out your spiritual paths.  Make a graph or a timeline or draw pictures showing the highs and lows of your faith.  Include important events like your baptism, confirmation, choir retreats or youth retreats.  Talk about how you have served God in the past and want your faith to grow in the future.