May 24, 2021

Live for God

May 24, 2021


1 Peter 4:1-6
Psalm 99


From The Voice translation:

“Since the Anointed suffered in the flesh, prepare yourselves to do the same—anyone who has suffered in the flesh for the Lord is no longer in the grip of sin— so that you may live the rest of your life on earth controlled not by earthly desires but by the will of God. You have already wasted enough time living like those outsiders in the society around you: losing yourselves in sex, in addictions and desires, in drinking and lawless idolatry, in giving your time and allegiance to things that are not godly. When you don’t play the same games they do, they notice that you are living by different rules. That’s why they say such terrible things about you. Someday they, too, will have to give an account of themselves to the One who judges the living and the dead. (This is why the good news had to be brought to those who are dead so that although they are judged in the flesh, they might live in the spirit in the way that pleases God.)”

We ought to be different, right? People should talk about the way we live our lives. Our lives should reflect the life of Christ in such a way it is undeniable. May it be so.


  • How is my life different from an unbeliever’s?
  • What about my faith makes me stand out?


  • How can you be different than your friends because of Jesus?


Lord may our lives reflect you in the undeniable ways of Christ, so much so that people are drawn closer to you. May we shine for you. May you shine through us! Amen.