June 7, 2021

God is God and We are Not

June 7,2021


Psalm 29

Job 38:39 – 39:12


The central character of the Book of Job is a righteous man who, due to no wrongdoing of his own, has everything in his life stripped away — his home, his family, his health. Many commentators assert that the main theme of the book is exploring the role of faith in suffering. 

Today’s reading drops us abruptly toward the end of the book, after Job’s friends have tried to console and confront him, and after Job has demanded a one-on-one audience with God. God grants him his request, but it doesn’t go exactly how Job might prefer. Instead of God answering Job’s questions, God puts Job on the hot seat, asking him many questions —  all of which point to the same answer — “I am God and you are not.” 

Job does not learn the “whys” to his questions but he does learn the “who.” He learns that God cares enough to show up for a conversation with one single human being.

Suffering is real. Suffering does not always have a neat, tidy reason. We may never understand the “whys” behind our suffering. But God shows up. God cares. On that we may rely.


  • Have you ever demanded answers from God for the cause of suffering? What did you learn from that experience?
  • How have you learned to cope with suffering in your own life? How does your faith help you deal with it?


  • Today’s Bible passage talks about how God takes care of the wild animals. How many animals are mentioned in this passage? 
  • What are some of the ways God takes care of you and your family?


Creating and sustaining God, we know there are many things we will never understand — including the role of suffering in our lives. Help us to place our trust in you, knowing that you will care for us.