June 11, 2021

Partners in Ministry

June 11, 2021


Psalm 100

Exodus 4:27-31


Our passage could use a little back story. Earlier in chapters 3 & 4, God commissioned Moses to go to Pharaoh in Egypt and demand that he free the Israelites from slavery. But Moses balked. He didn’t want to go. One of his excuses was, “I have never been eloquent…but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue” (Ex. 4:10). God had the answer for that — he sent his brother Aaron to be his spokesperson: “He indeed shall speak for you to the people; he shall serve as a mouth to you, and you shall serve as God to him” (Ex. 4:16).

In our reading for today, the two brothers do as God commands. They go together and say and do all that the Lord tells them. The people believe their words and are joyful to know that God has seen their misery and plans to rescue them from oppression.

Often a task is easier and we are more effective when we partner with someone who has complementary gifts and skills. Moses was a great leader but not a great speaker. He partnered with his brother who was eloquent but lacked great leadership skills. Together they were just what God needed for the monumental task of leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land.


  • Is there a task you feel God is calling you to do?
  • Is there someone with complementary gifts you could partner with to get the job done better?


  • What subject at school is the hardest for you? Do you have a friend that’s really good at that subject? 
  • What subject at school are you really good at? Do you have a friend that needs help in that subject?
  • How could you partner with your friends so that you help each other improve?


God of Aaron and Moses, thank you for providing partners in ministry to help us do your will in the world. Make us sensitive to tasks you want done and aware of those with whom we could work most fruitfully. Thank you for your trust in us! Amen.