June 28, 2021

Now Accepting New Members!

June 28, 2021


Galatians 6:11-18


In this letter, Paul addresses his words to the churches in Galatia primarily made up of Gentile Christians. These new Christians are facing the question of whether they must be circumcised to be considered faithful. Paul very clearly says it’s not necessary, for “a person is justified not by the works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ” (2:16). We are justified, Paul says, not by anything we do, or say, or earn, but simply by coming to the conclusion that we need Christ in our lives.

In Christ, all believers have become a “new creation.” This does not mean the previous ways of practicing faith are now obsolete. But it does mean that through Christ, we are called to a new understanding of holy living. And it means that through Christ, the club has opened up! A sign now hangs on the front door – “Now accepting new members!” This is why we say the table of our Lord is open to all who repent of their sin and seek to live in union with Christ and his people, no matter where they’ve come from or what they’ve done in the past.


  • How do you connect with God? Do you unconsciously believe everyone should connect that way? 


  • Take time to ask each member of your family one thing that makes them feel closer to God.


God our loving maker, you created each one of us in your image, and yet we are all different. You accept each of us as we are, but you love us too much to keep us that way. You draw us closer to yourself and we are transformed into kinder, more loving people. Thank you. Amen.