July 8, 2021

Action vs. Blame

July 8, 2021


Zechariah 1:1-16

Psalm 45:10-17

Genesis 25:19-27

Romans 7:1-6

Psalm 145:8-14


Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey were bitter political enemies.  Just before he died, Humphrey told Nixon that life was too short to be bitter enemies.  He asked Nixon to forgive him.  They reconciled.  Richard Nixon, then, escorted Mrs. Muriel Humphrey at his funeral.  Historians speculate what good might have happened if they had forgiven each other sooner.  

When things go bad, when things go wrong, we typically want to blame others.  We hold grudges.  We play the why, when, where, and who games which intensifies blaming.  Blaming others means that we are helpless victims. 

When things go bad, asking “What?” and “How?” is productive.  “What needs to be done?” and “How am I going to do it?”  

Our world situation is pretty bad right now.  Blaming is everywhere.  Blaming will not change what has happened.  We need to ask, “What needs to be done?” and “How and I going to do it?” 

Zechariah told the Jews what to do and how to do it:  Turn to God!  Turn away from evil!  Do not be like their unfaithful ancestors.  

So, with ourselves, our families, our communities, our church, our nation, and our world, what needs to be done right now?  How are we going to do it?


  • With Jesus Christ, what do I need to do?  How am I going to do it?
  • With my relationship with work and other organizations, what needs to be done?  How am I going to do it?
  • In my relationship with Brentwood United Methodist Church, what needs to be done?  How am I going to do it?


  • With our family, what do we need to do?  How are we going to do it?


Lord Jesus, you created this day for all of us.  You are still creating and perfecting this world.  You ask that we be co-creators with you.  Lord, as we go through this day, please show us what needs to be done and please teach us how to do it.  In your gracious name I pray.  Amen.