July 12, 2021

A Wrathful God

July 12, 2021


Song of Solomon 2:8-13; Genesis 27:30-46; Romans 1:18-25

OR Psalm 131; Jeremiah 27:1-11, 16-22; Romans 1:18-25


I have to admit, I really struggle with passages that are full of God’s wrath and judgment like the passage from Romans today.  I like to think of God as loving and gracious, not angry and scornful.  But it is passages like this one that remind me of God’s true, all-encompassing love for each one of us.  God is not like a permissive parent that lets us do whatever we want without consequence, unconcerned with our ultimate growth as humans.  We all know, even if we aren’t parents, that letting children live without consequence at all will ultimately harm them in the long run.  Instead, in passages where we see God angry or full of wrath, I am reminded that God is a loving parent that reminds us when we do wrong so that we might ultimately live a more joy-filled life.   In fact, I don’t think God enjoys being angry, but finds it necessary to deal with our sin.  Just as it is painful for a parent to chastise a child even for the child’s ultimate good, God’s scorn is for our ultimate good.  


  • What are some experiences where you have felt convicted by God?  
  • What ultimately came of these experiences?  Did God put you on a path that was ultimately good for you?


  • What do you think it means when the Bible says God is angry?  
  • Why do you (the child) think you get in trouble at home?  Do you think it is helpful? 


Loving God, my ultimate Parent, I give you thanks for the ways that you fully love me.  I give you thanks for the way Your anger is meant to ultimately bring us love and goodness.  I give you thanks for loving me enough to care about what I do and its consequences that I might ultimately grow to be more like you.  God may I always seek to glorify You.  Amen.