July 26, 2021

Finding Water

July 26, 2021


Genesis 30:25-26

Psalm 65:8-13


Ask anyone that’s done any training in wilderness survival and they’ll tell you that there are a few essential things that any person stranded in the wilderness must quickly find if they are going to last very long—shelter and fire are essential, but even those won’t keep you alive very long unless you find clean, drinkable water. 

Finding a clean source of water is essential for life. For drinking, for agriculture, for sources of food and resources; we couldn’t make it very long as individuals or as societies without water.

In Psalm 65, the writer compares the bounty of God’s love and goodness with the necessity of water. Remember that Genesis tells us that in the beginning, God’s spirit moved over the chaos of the waters and ordered them—into rain and rivers and lakes—things that provide bounty for the earth and enrich it. And like all water, God’s spirit is essential for our spiritual life just as much as water is essential for our physical life. 

On this day, whether it’s raining or the sun is shining, let today’s Psalm remind you to give thanks for the bounty of creation and the bounty of love that comes from God.


  • What areas of your life need the soaking rains of God’s spirit? 


  • Talk about where you noticed God in creation today.


O God of grace, let your love rain down upon us today just as the rains cover the earth. Let us be soaked in the goodness of your spirit and know that all good things flow from you. Amen.