August 9, 2021

Holy Spirit

August 9, 2021


Psalm 130


I was having coffee this morning with a pastor from the Korean United Methodist Church.  We were discussing our beliefs and experiences of the Holy Spirit when our conversation led to a discussion on styles of worship.  He explained that in the Korean protestant tradition, there is a sense of deep spirituality where you deeply desire to feel the movement and presence of the Holy Spirit.  In order to feel that deep presence of the Holy Spirit, their worship often lasts multiple hours and is filled with jumping, dancing and lots of fervent prayer.  In fact, he said, they often play the music loudly in order to encourage people to pour themselves so fully into their prayers that they will begin shouting them out loud.  The music helps to drown out the sounds of all of the voices.  He said by the end of worship, they are physically and emotionally exhausted because they have poured themselves out so fully to the Lord.  Additionally, he said in those moments of exhaustion is where he feels the greatest presence of the Holy Spirit.  He has poured himself out so that the Holy Spirit can fill him up.  The Psalmist today writes, “Out of the depths I cry to you Lord.”   May our worship and our prayers dig deep into our souls and may we give all that we have to God so that God can fill us up.


  • What is holding you back from giving all you have to God?
  • How have you felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life?


  • How have you felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life?


God, I often feel like I hold myself back from you.  I don’t want to risk pouring my whole self out to you because I don’t want to risk losing control.  God, today, fill me with your Spirit.  Give me the courage to pour myself out to you so that You can fill me up. May I know the power of your Holy Spirit today and everyday and may I share that power with those around me.  Amen.