August 11, 2021


August 11, 2021


Matthew 8:1-13


This passage in Matthew is a riveting story of power dynamics at play.  The Centurion is a powerful leader in the Roman government.  He points out that people do whatever he says whenever he says it.  His presence to Jesus’ followers would have been threatening and most likely fear-inducing.  Jesus of course is powerful in what people believe about him.  Though he does not have political power like the Centurion, people believe he is the Son of God, a person of incomparable spiritual power.  Then there is the servant, who is essentially powerless.  Yet the mighty Centurion comes on the lowly servant’s behalf.  This could have been self-seeking of course- heal my servant so he can continue to serve me.  However, Jesus claims that the Centurion has shown great faith when he asks Jesus to heal the servant.  The Centurion is able to lay aside his own power, which would not be easy to do, humble himself at the feet of Jesus, and ask for help for a servant.  Not only that, but he claims that Jesus is so ultimately powerful, that Jesus’ words alone can heal the servant.  By watching the power dynamics of each character at play, the author teaches us that Jesus is the ultimate ruler and power, over and above all powers in the world.   


  • What areas of your life do you need to humbly submit to God?
  • Where do you unconsciously claim that you are more powerful than God? 


  • What does it mean to be humble?
  • How can you be humble?


God, where I am claiming that I am more powerful than our Lord, humble me.  Where I think I can do everything myself without You, teach me that I need You.  Amen.