September 13, 2021

Put on God’s Armor


Psalm 125

Ephesians 6:10-17


When my children left to go to college and were no longer safe and sound in our family home, I prayed this scripture passage every day for them. I imagined that they were putting on each piece of the armor that Paul describes in this passage — the belt of truth around their waists; the breastplate of righteousness to protect their hearts; the gospel of peace for shoes on their feet; the shield of faith to quench the flaming arrows of the evil one; the helmet of salvation to protect their minds; and finally, the sword of the Spirit — the Word of God — which would arm them to resist evil.

My children have long since matured and become adults, but the armor of God is still needed — by them and by all of us. So today, as you begin your routine, think about each piece of God’s protective armor, and dress yourself with God’s truth, righteousness, peace, faith and salvation, and take up God’s Word to ward off temptation and evil.


  • How does it strengthen your faith to know that God provides spiritual armor for us?
  • Which piece of armor do you feel the most in need of today?


  • Ask your parents or trusted adult to help you find a picture of armor in a book or online. Looking at the picture, name each part of armor that today’s passage describes. Which part of the armor is your favorite? Ask God to help you put on that piece of armor as you go about your day.


Heavenly Lord, thank you for providing us with everything we need to prevail in our battle against the spiritual forces of evil present in our world. Help us to remember to put your armor on each day so that we may be your victorious daughters and sons in the world. Amen.