September 25, 2021

Commending Our Lives to One Another


Luke 23:46


It is awe inspiring when we really meditate and think upon the strength and faith that it took for Jesus to fully commend his spirit to his father. While we know that Jesus was divine, and therefore knew God’s plan for his life, we also believe that Jesus was human like us and would have felt the same fear, trepidation, and temptation that we feel in our lives. These last words of Jesus fill us with awe and remind us of the wonderful humanity of our savior.

It takes a great deal of life to commend our lives to another. Brides and grooms that stand at the altar know the nervousness and seriousness of entering into a covenant relationship with each other; parents feel the awesome weight of a life commended to their love and care; and we are reminded, during each baptism on Sunday morning, that we as a body of Christ have the lives of each baptized infant commended to us for our care. It is a holy responsibility.

And we also have the duty to commend our lives, each day, to the care of God and to others. We must never forget that we are carried by the power of the Holy Spirit. And even in the times that God feels distant, our command to commend our lives to him is ever present. Let us live with the faith that Jesus showed in his last hours; let us give with all that we have.


  • What lives have been commended to you for care? Who have you commended your life to?


  • Talk about the power of caring for someone else. How has your life been changed because someone trusted you with something important?


God, you gave us a precious gift in your Son. Let us give back to you even out of the little that we have. In Jesus’ name, amen.