October 4, 2021

Favoring the Disfavored


Luke 2:15-21


In our reading today from Luke’s gospel, we see a familiar scene. After receiving the good news, the shepherds “went with haste” to find the holy family and share with them what had happened in the fields. 

According to the Wesley Study Bible, “Shepherding was a despised occupation in the eyes of the first century elite, and the angel’s announcement to shepherds is an example of God choosing to favor the disfavored.” Notice how Mary treasures the words of a disfavored group of smelly shepherds. I wonder if she treasured their experience because she felt disfavored herself? An unwed woman giving birth in a stable among the animals must not have felt glamorous. And yet she was chosen to mother God’s son. The shepherds were despised, and yet they were chosen to be the first to hear the good news! Our God is a God working in unexpected ways indeed. 


  • Have you ever felt “disfavored,” left out, or not good enough? How has God reminded you of your worthiness?
  • What are some ways you can treasure the disfavored in your community?


  • Take time to tell each member of your family one thing you love about how God created them.


God of the disfavored, the lost, and the lonely. You sent word to the shepherds that you had come with great joy for all people. Remind us again of your presence among all of us, especially those whom we sometimes neglect or fail to see as worthy of your love and attention. Amen.