October 23, 2021

I Once Was Blind, But Now I See


Mark 8:22-26


Jesus healed a blind man’s eyes with his saliva and his touch. Can you imagine the change this wrought in the man’s life? No longer forced to beg, the man could now work and earn a living and support himself and his family. Healing changed not only his physical situation, but also his lifestyle and relationships.

Physical blindness in our world today is largely a disease of poverty — especially in developing countries — where “impairment is caused by eye disease and conditions like structural abnormalities and aging. Some 80 percent of cases are preventable or treatable.” (National Geographic, September 2016, “Why There’s New Hope About Ending Blindness”)

As Jesus’ followers, we may not be able to heal blindness with saliva and touch, but we may be able to prevent blindness through our work to provide necessary health care to those in developing countries. It seems like an impossible dream that someday blindness will be a disease of the past, but with God all things are possible.


  • Our church sponsors health care initiatives in countries where poverty is an obstacle to adequate education and health care. How might you be able to help provide what’s needed for health and well-being in these countries — and in impoverished areas of the United States as well?


  • What are some ways your family can share resources with people in need around the world?


Great Physician, you brought healing to the sick and needy while you were walking on this earth. Inspire in us the desire to do what we can to further your work in your beloved world today. Amen.