October 30, 2021

Thy Kingdom Come


“Thy Kingdome come on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)


We discussed how Christ’s church takes the world and baptizes it, transforming it into God’s kingdom in one seminary class.

The church took the Roman Festival of Lights and converted it into Christmas, Jesus’ birth as the light that came into the world that overcomes darkness. 

The church changed the spring festivals to Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

It took a Celtic pagan holiday of the dead (November 1) and made it All Saints Day (moving the spring Celebration of Martyrs to November 1).

The church took another Celtic pagan celebration of life and evil (October 31) and converted it to “All Hallows Eve,” the night before the “hallowed” All Saints Day. “All Hallows Ever” eventually was shortened to “Halloween.” While the Celtic pagan festivals on October 31 were non-Christian, the church changed the focus to be Christian. Thus, the church’s intention of Jack-o-lanterns and the like were to frighten away evil spirits, not scare people.

While TV, the movies, and marketing focus on evil and scary things during Halloween, it will be good for Christians to renounce the evil and reclaim God’s kingdom. 

And not just at Halloween! May Christ guide us to transform our homes, community, workplace, world, and all that we do into Christ’s kingdom.


  • As a friend told me, “I began loving my family as if I were Jesus, not the old me. Once I became a Christian, I began working for Jesus through my job, not just my boss. While I still do everything I did before following Jesus, Jesus helps me transform all I do into kingdom work.”
  • In what ways am I Jesus to my family?
  • In what ways am I Jesus in my workplace?
  • In what ways am I letting Jesus transform this world into God’s kingdom?


  • Discuss ways our family might make our home a better place to live.
  • Discuss ways we may help each other make our family better.
  • Discuss the above two questions by asking, “How can Jesus make our home and relationships better?”
  • Discuss how we can be better Christians, transforming this world.


Dear most loving, gracious Lord, we praise and thank you for our lives. There are so many ways we can improve this world. Help us not only improve it. As we “put on Christ,” please help us to transform it into your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. In your gracious name, I ask.  Amen.