November 17, 2021

I Am With You


Psalm 13


This passage in Psalms offers a prayer for relief from despair. Here we see David expressing how important it is to continue to trust in God, and not despair, even when we do not understand our situation or feel an immediate answer from God. 

It is important to point out how the language of this prayer begins with despair (“O Lord, how long will you forget me? Forever?) and concludes in trust for God (“But I trust in your unfailing love.”). David affirms that he will continue to trust God no matter how long he must wait or how bleak things may appear. 

This psalm helps point to God’s grace and love for us, even during our trials. God is never silent during our moments of pain and suffering and is always with us. Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, writes about Jesus Christ’s suffering on the cross and explains that Christ also suffers with us in our trials: “Now we know that there is no longer any suffering on earth in which Christ will not be with us, suffering with us and praying with us-Christ the only helper.” Let us remember that God is never silent during our trials and that we need only turn to God in prayer. Have faith and trust in Jesus Christ who promises: “I am with you…” (Matt. 28:20).


  • How can you hold on to your faith during moments of pain and despair? 
  • How can you remind yourself that God is never absent from us nor silent when we suffer?


  • What can we do or think about to ensure our hope stays with God during difficult times?


God, help us to remember that you are always with us no matter how difficult things may seem; for you are our refuge in times of trouble and despair. In our darkest moments, when even those who are closest to us have abandoned us, you hold us and sustain us. Our hope and salvation are in you.