November 27, 2021

Creating a New Advent/Christmas Season


Revelation 21:5—“Then the one seated on the throne said, “Look! I’m making all things new.’”


Advent begins tomorrow! Time to prepare for Christmas!

As we age, the magic of Christmas tends to disappear, and preparing for Christmas can become sheer drudgery. Football coach Lou Holtz once said that Christmas Day was the most boring day of the year because he had nothing else to do the rest of the day after a few minutes of exchanging gifts. 

For a few years, for me as an adult, Christmases were disappointing. The same magic I felt as a child never came. Eventually, I realized that I was trying to relive the past instead of creating new memories. So, I began creating new memories focusing on giving gifts to family and friends as if I was giving them to Jesus. I also focused more on my relationships. The result? My feelings about giving gifts changed, my attitude towards the recipients improved, and the joy and magic of Christmas returned. 

One key for me was to imagine that, as I gave my gifts to family and friends, I was giving them to Jesus. That affected how I treated and talked with family and friends throughout the Christmas season. It helped create new feelings about Christmas. Why? Because Christmas became Christ-centered for me.

Others I know, who have to be alone on Christmas day, make telephone calls, write letters, and make visits, which adds meaning to their Christmas day. Why? Because these acts of grace for Christ help make Christ the center of their Christmas. 

If God is the creator of new things and making all things new (Revelation 21:5), by focusing on Jesus, this Advent season and Christmas day can also become new! May Christ help you create new memories this Advent and Christmas season! 

After all, it is Jesus’ birthday celebration. Let’s let Jesus be the center of all we do.


After the questions and prayer listed below, here are links to some videos that will bring you laughter (and meaning) this Advent and Christmas season.

Inspirational Christmas Videos

Humorous Christmas Videos


  • What was the magic of Christmas like for you as a child?
  • Where do you find the joy of Christmas day as an adult?
  • How might you be Christ to your family and friends today?
  • If you are alone this Advent/Christmas season, how might you be Christ to someone today? Are there phone calls you can make? Are there people you might visit? Letters to write?


  • How might mealtime be different if the preparation, meal, and clean-up were done for Jesus throughout this Advent and Christmas season?
  • How might our giving gifts be different if we give them as if we are giving them to Jesus?
  • How might the gifts we receive be different if we imagine that they are coming from Jesus, even the crazy ones?


Lord, Jesus Christ, we begin tomorrow to prepare for your birthday. Help us not focus on the Christmas magic of our past. Help this entire season be about you through all that we say and do for you. Help us be your presence to family and friends today. Help us serve you by treating family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, church members, and strangers as if they are you. In your gracious name, I pray. Amen.