January 6, 2022



Matthew 2:1-12

Matthew 3:13-17

John 2:1-11


Today and every January 6th is the day that Christians celebrate Epiphany. This is the 13th day of the Christmas season and celebrates the day that the Magi or three wise men came to pay homage to Christ. The United Methodist Church explains that “[t]he arrival of these visitors was a sign that the incarnation of God in Christ had been made known and was recognized by the heavens to the whole world, so that even Gentile wise men from the East came to pay him homage. This is an observance of great majesty, solemnity and awe.” 

Epiphany is a celebration that is older than Christmas and “originally focused on the nativity, God’s incarnation (God made flesh) in the birth of Jesus Christ, and Christ’s baptism. After the late fourth century, as Advent developed as a season of baptismal preparation in addition to Lent, Epiphany became associated with baptism. This is why we see images of the three Magi on many older baptismal fonts.” In many cultures, Epiphany is a day of great celebration: in several Orthodox cultures the priest throws a cross in the water to bless it while people swim to retrieve it; in some European countries children leave shoes out to be filled with gifts or leave straw out for the Magi’s horses; and many Hispanic cultures celebrate with parades and celebrations. 

For more on the UMC’s understanding of Epiphany, see here.


  • How will you celebrate Epiphany? 


  • What does Epiphany celebrate? With a parent or trusted adult, look up the ways different cultures celebrate Epiphany. How can you celebrate Epiphany?  


Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of Your Son. Help me to observe with solemnity, help me to observe with awe. Amen.