Parenting With Families

The Children’s Ministry at BUMC recognizes that God ordained parents to be the primary spiritual guides for their families. While you are their first teachers, we are passionate and eager to engage, supplement and support all parents to raise young disciples of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to support parents as they help their families capture a permanent print of God for their life.

Adult Small Groups

There are a variety of small groups that meet at BUMC and are full of parents like you who are seeking to grow in their faith while building community with others at BUMC

Parent Resource Books

  •  Shepherding a Child’s Heart, by Tedd Tripp
  • SacredParenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls, by Gary Thomas
  • The Five Love Languages of Children, by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell
  • Almost Christian, by Kenda Creasy Dean
  • Sticky Faith, Dr. Kara E. Powell, and Dr. Chap Clark
  • Transforming children into Spiritual Champions, by George Barna

Growing in Christ as a Family

God has ordained the family to be the place where faith is passed from generation to generation and souls are nurtured and developed. We are eager to encourage, supplement and support your family’s growth in Christ. Discipleship of our children does not just happen on Sunday mornings or when we are at the church. Here are some ideas on how to grow in Christians a family each day:

At Home:

  • Pray together.
  • Share about the day – how did each person see God at work in different situations.
  • Read a short devotional and discuss how it applies to your life and your child’s life.
  • Talk about what each person learned in Sunday School class and Worship.
  • Keep a family “Thank you, God” journal.
  • Play worship music in the house. Transition Times
  • Pray for your child while heading to school, sports game, and events.
  • Talk about the day and choices made and how faith was a part of those choices.
  • Pray for firemen or police officers that you see headed to take
    care of others.
  • Pray for those who you see who have less and talk about ways you can help them.
  • Sing worship songs in the car.