6th Grade Confirmation

Sundays beginning September 11

Confirmation is an 8-lesson program for students to prepare to take full membership in the church. The program includes both large and small group learning on Sunday afternoons, a day retreat at Horton Haven Christian Camp, a service project, and a Confirmation Conversation with one of our pastors. We ask that during the program, you make Confirmation a priority!
Each confirmation is asked to choose a Friend in Faith.  A Friend in Faith is an adult (not their parent) that will partner with the confirmand through their spiritual journey.  Confirmands commonly ask grandparents, aunts or uncles, teachers or coaches, friends of the family, and parents of friends. They do not need to be BUMC members, just someone who demonstrates a faithful Christian. Friends in Faith are asked to write their confirmand a note, share their faith story, join us on October 23 for our FIF event, complete a service project with their confirmand, and hopefully join us for the confirmation service on November 13.