Resiliency + Hope

Each conversation was moderated by a member of our Congregational Care team and led by therapists at the BUMC Counseling Center. This center is a unique collaboration between Brentwood United Methodist Church and psychotherapists in private practice. The therapists at the BUMC Counseling Center are not employees of the church. They were recruited to relocate their practices to the Counseling Center in order to support BUMC's commitment to making mental health resources available for children, youth, adults, couples, and families in Williamson County and the surrounding communities. The BUMC Counseling Center therapists are Dr. John Fite, Ph.D., Stacy Jagger, LMFT, and Dr. James Wellborn, Ph.D.

Watch Past Conversations

  • November – Stress and Anxiety

    This month's focus was on stress and anxiety: what it is, how the pandemic has changed our experience of it, and what tools we might use to manage it.

  • December – Stress Around the Holidays

    December's conversation centered around stresses around the holiday season.

  • January – Isolation, Depression, and Grief

    During January's conversation with the BUMC therapists, they discussed isolation, depression, and grief.

  • February – Frustration and Anger

    During February's conversation with the BUMC therapists, they spoke about frustration and anger. 

  • March – One Year Later

    The month of March focused on reflecting on this past year, as we hit the one year anniversary of the lockdown from COVID-19.

  • April – Pivot

    For the month of April we will talk about post-traumatic growth, purpose and meaning. Click the "Post-Traumatic Growth" button to the left to learn more. 

  • May – What's in your toolbox?

    The month of May we discussed what it looks like to create and maintain a resilience toolbox with the BUMC therapists.