Middle East North Africa Initiative

Following the unrest in Syria, Lebanese churches have opened their doors to refugees fleeing their home countries.

In partnership with faith-based relief organizations on the ground, the Middle East North Africa Initiative's focus has been on empowering the local churches in the MENA region to respond in an ongoing relief and support context. It is our goal to facilitate these churches who contribute to the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the displaced through pastoral training, resourcing the local church, interfaith dialogue, and missional outreach.

What is the MENA Initiative?


To provide training and financial/relational support of pastors and local churches in the MENA region so that they are empowered to share the strength and support of faith through their local churches with their neighbors in word and deed.


To grow and support a network of faith-based initiatives through pastors and churches serving in the MENA region who are empowered to share the Gospel message in word and deed with their neighbors.

Our Partner Organizations

  • Shai Fund

    The Shai Fund is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

    This organization operates exclusively for charitable, humanitarian, relief and development purposes to accomplish the following:

    1. Work to realize human dignity and end world poverty.
    2. Promote health, education, relief, economic development and socio-political change for disadvantaged people worldwide.
    3. Enable communities in need to move from survival to sustainable living.
    4. Assist victims of war, natural and man-made disaster, famine, poverty and persecution.

  • Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development

    LSESD is a Lebanese faith-based organization that seeks to empower the Church and serve the local community in a holistic manner that caters to mind, body, and soul.

    • We come alongside the Church in the Middle East North Africa, training, equipping and resourcing faithful leaders for effective service.
    • We address the basic needs of vulnerable individuals and families in the community in a manner that preserves their dignity.
    • We foster a culture of acceptance and respect for differences, offering hope and a future, giving particular attention to the voiceless and the marginalized.

  • Beirut Baptist School

    As an inclusive school committed to rigorous, relevant and holistic education, BBS cultivates and inspires diverse learners in mind, body and spirit to become responsible citizens and successful lifelong learners. Its vision is to see empowered learners and educators think creatively, reason critically and proactively engaged in their community guided by ethical and spiritual values.


Our team would love to tell you more about the work we're doing in the MENA region. Contact Stephanie Smith at ssmith@bumc.net to learn more.