July 12, 2017

Jesus Washes Our Feet

July 12, 2017

Daily Reading

John 13:1-17

Song of Solomon 2:8-13

Genesis 29:31-35

This week’s sermon text: Mark 6:30-32

Field Notes
John is a gospel full of symbolism. In today’s passage in John, Jesus is not only literally washing the feet of the disciples, but he speaks of how he washes us clean spiritually. How beautiful it is to know that no matter what has happened in the past, what you are going through now, and what will happen in the future, Jesus walks with us and washes us clean. There is true and full forgiveness and freedom in Jesus Christ our Lord. May we find hope and joy in that today! Let us also not forget the end of this passage. While Jesus humbly washes the disciples’ feet, he calls them to wash the feet of others. We are not only meant to receive God’s freely given grace and love in Jesus Christ; we are meant to share that love, grace, and hope with the world!

Questions for the Field

  • How can you show someone Jesus’ humble grace today?
  • Where in your life do you need to forgive yourself and forgive others? Begin praying that God’s Spirit works in these areas of your life.

Family Field Talk

  • What are some ways you can share God’s grace and love with your friends or siblings?

Prayer Guide
God, let us feel and know Your forgiveness most fully today as we pray. Where we have yet to give ourselves grace or work through wrongs we have committed, we invite You into our lives. May we know what it means to be washed clean by Your grace and may we feel Your call to extend that grace and love to others in our midst. Amen.