July 14, 2017

Sharing My Faith with Others

July 14, 2017

Daily Reading

Romans 15:14-21

Psalm 65:9-13

Isaiah 48:6-11

This week’s sermon text: Mark 6:30-32

Field Notes
I may be a pastor, but I often find it challenging to share my faith with others, especially people who I think will be skeptical of my beliefs. I don’t want my evangelism to be a turnoff to people. At Annual Conference this year the speaker, however, challenged us to constantly share our faiths with others, regardless of others’ reactions. While certainly I think we need to be sensitive to others and avoid railroading people with our beliefs, we are called to be confident in our faith and testify to Christ’s grace in our lives at all times. Paul is an example of someone bold in faith, wanting to share his testimony with any and all who will listen. May we all find a way today to share our faith with someone we meet, whether it’s in line to get our morning coffee, at the office, at the playground, or around the dinner table. May we share our faith and invite people to be a part of our church so that they too may find the love and hope we have found in Christ.

Questions for the Field

  • How have I shied from sharing my faith with others? How can I be bolder in my faith?
  • What three people can I invite to worship, to Sunday school, or to a Bible study this week?

Family Field Talk

  • How can I tell my friends about my faith?
  • What three friends can I invite to worship or Sunday school this week?

Prayer Guide
Faithful God, build in me a bold faith, and help me to share it with others. Grow in me a desire to invite others into the same faith journey that has been so meaningful to me. Grow in me a desire to invite others to be a part of Brentwood UMC and give me the opportunities to invite them. Amen.