July 21, 2017

Our Authority

July 21, 2017

Daily Reading
Hebrews 2:1-9
Psalm 139:1-12
This week’s sermon text: Matthew 11:28-30

Field Notes
It all comes down to Jesus.

But what does that mean?

Adam Hamilton speaks in his modern classic, “Making Sense of the Bible,”that when we encounter things that seem contrary to the teachings of Jesus, those things should fall away. Jesus is like a colander, and we run everything in our life through the colander of Christ. Whatever stays is good, and what passes through is not needed or even possibly harmful.

May we look at the words of Christ in such a way that we are able to filter the truth from the chaff. Amen.

Questions for the Field

  • Does your life reflect the authority of Christ? What would need to change for it to do so?

Family Field Talk

  • How can I be a tool for good in my life?

Prayer Guide
Lord, help us live the life You’ve called us to live. Help us filter out the bad, and hold to what is true and noble and good. Help us hold on to You. Amen.