September 4, 2017

God is Silent?

September 4, 2017

Daily Reading
Psalm 83:1-4
This weekend’s scripture: Romans 5:1-11

Field Notes
In times of great strife, we often wonder, “Where is God? Why is God silent?” So often in times of trouble, we struggle with what we perceive to be the silence of God. The Psalmist here begs for God to come to the defense.

One can wonder though—is God’s perceived silence actually our own silence? Are we, the Church, not the Body of Christ in the world today? Are we not charged with helping to bring about the Kingdom of God here in our way of living?

When the enemies attack, what is our response? Do we stand for the Kingdom of God? Or do we remain silent and refuse to help Christ push back against the darkness of this world?

Fred Rogers, the late, famed children’s entertainer and advocate, spoke of the advice his mother gave him when he finds himself scared in the midst of tragedy: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” As the Church, are we the helpers? Or are we silent?

Questions for the Field

  • Identify a time in your life when you felt the need to stand up for what was right, and yet you didn’t. What happened?

Family Field Talk

  • Why do you think we get scared? What scares you?
  • Who would you look to if you were scared?

Prayer Guide
Lord, move in us in such a way where we cannot be silent, but we stand up and make your voice heard. May we boldly proclaim your love over every bit of evil we encounter. Amen.