September 27, 2017

Be Wise About the Company You Keep

September 26, 2017


Romans 16:17-20

Psalm 119:97-104

This week’s sermon text: Romans 7:14-25


In today’s reading, Paul’s final words and advice to the Romans are a warning to them about the people they hang around. Think about the last time you left your friend’s house, dinner party, or some other gathering with friends. Did you notice that you felt worse than when you arrived or did you leave feeling uplifted? Whether you like it or not, you are influenced by the people around you!

As this passage reminds us, we also have to be leery of those who will cause us to stray from our convictions. We need to be aware of false teachers and those who delight in causing us to stumble. The Psalm 119 passage calls us to meditate on God’s word so we can walk in wisdom. The more time we spend in scripture, the more we are able to discern what is godly and holy and what is not.


  • Do you spend most of your time with people who challenge you and lift you up or who seem to bring you down and cause you to stumble?
  • What would your friends and co-workers say about you?


  • What qualities make a good friend?
  • How can knowing Jesus make you a great friend to others?

Prayer Guide

God of peace, help me to encourage and spiritually uplift those around me. May I work to surround myself with godly people as well. I confess that am are not always wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil. I praise you for the wisdom that you offer me! Amen.