October 14, 2017

The Promises of Psalm 23, Continued

October 13, 2017


Psalm 23

Isaiah 22:8b-14

James 4:4-10

This week’s sermon text: Romans 12:1-8


Yesterday, we discovered that Psalm 23 is full of God’s promises for us. We learned that God promises us Direction and Guidance. Today, we focus on two more promises: God’s provision and God’s protection.

God provides for us. Verse 2 and 3 of Psalm 23 says that He leads us down “paths of righteousness”, “leads us beside still waters” and “lets us rest in green pastures”. God’s path leads us to lush, life-giving areas where we are fed and at peace.

In verse 4, David praises God for his nearness. David gives thanks for the “rod and staff”. Both the rod and the staff have specific purposes. The staff is a long pole with a hook at the end. With this, the shepherd corrects the sheep, draws them close, and lifts them up when they fall. The rod is used to fight off harmful intruders.

As God’s sheep, we are protected. His hand covers us. In this scripture, it says, “the rod and the staff, they comfort me”. Knowing we are safe (though not necessarily free from suffering or harm) allows us peace and rest.


  • Have you ever noticed or sensed God protecting you from something or someone?
  • In what areas of your life are you feeling God’s abundant provision?
  • What areas do you feel empty?


  • Why is important to listen to parents, teachers, and other authority?
  • Is it not even more important to listen to God?
  • What does it mean to follow God?


Gracious God, thank you for restoring and refreshing our souls, giving us peace, and bringing us hope in all of our tomorrows. May we rest in your protection and strength that surrounds us like a shield.