October 15, 2017

The Promises of Psalm 23, Part 3

October 14, 2017


Psalm 23

Isaiah 24:17-23

Mark 2:18-22

This week’s sermon text: Romans 12:1-8


Yesterday, we discovered that Psalm 23 is a reminder of God’s provision and protection. Today, we focus on one final promise: God’s presence. This one may be the most special of all!

Shepherd’s know everything about their sheep. In John chapter 10, we are reminded that “my sheep know my voice”. But how? Well- The shepherd sleeps, eats, and lives with his sheep.
He spends time in the pasture with them and he knows every distinguishing feature about them. This is an amazing metaphor for us, friends! Shepherds are with their sheep, and God is with us!

Shepherds know when their sheep are tired, scared, and hurt. They know the sheep’s pace and what the sheep are capable (and incapable of). Just the same, God knows our shortcomings, sin struggle, and weakness. God knows when we are hurting, hungry, or wanting. God knows when we get scared and tired and like a good shepherd, He won’t leave our side.

As the sheep of God’s pasture, we must rejoice! We have a good Shepherd who promises to guide us, protect us and provide for us, and give us His presence. We were made to be led, to be looked after, and to be loved deeply.


  • How does it make you feel to be a “sheep of God’s pasture”?
  • Do you feel near or distant from God, your shepherd?


God, what a privilege to be known and loved by you. We are grateful for a life of following of you, knowing that in you we never have to fear. Thank you for your goodness and love that follows after us, chases us, even when were unaware. You are trustworthy and able, and you are our Refuge and hope. In You alone, we find rest and peace. Amen.